Original Article

The relationship between the umbilical cord blood insulin and C-peptide levels with the birth weight of newborns ofnormoglycemic mothers

  • Deniz Arıkan
  • Füzen Daldal
  • İlker Arıkan
  • Serpil Bozkurt

İstanbul Med J 2001;4(2):32-39

Fifty six term newborns those were borned at SSK Istanbul Traıning Hospital Clinıcs of Obstetrıcs and Gynecology, between June 1999- September 1999, and their mothers were investigated. These babies were divıded into three groups as smallfor gestational age, apropriate for gestaional age and large for gestational age and; the pregnancy specialities of their mothers, the way of their bırths, genders, heights, head circumferences, umbilical cord C-peptide and insulin levels were compared. A positıve relation was detected between the birth weight of the newborns and the heigth, head circumj'erence and the weight of the ır placentas. The ınsulın le ve ls of the newborns, those were delivered by cesarean sectıon, were signifıcantly higher than the ones those were borned by normal spontaneous vaginal delivery. No relation was {ound between the umbilical cord blood insulin and C-peptide levels and the birth weights of the newborns. Intrauferine growth is a multifactorial event and we need f'urther investigatıons about tihs subject.

Keywords: Normoglycemıc mothers, umbilical cord insulin and C-peptide levels, birth weight