Original Article

The oost of the argon laser fatocoagulation to the SSK (Social insurance institution)

  • Kadir Eltutar
  • Ziya Kapran

İstanbul Med J 1994;1(2):44-46

The benefits of argon laser fotocoagulation can not be emphasized enough in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy and senil macıı-ler degeneration which are frequent causes of blindness in society. The application of the orgon laser fotocoagulation doesn't exist in SSK teaching hopsitals, becauı;e either the apparatus is not present or if it is, it is not working, for this reason patients who are diagnosed w ith this illness are transferred to other hospitals or treatment centres. Between january and december 1993, 476 new patients and about 3.000 existing patients were examined in the Retina Seetion of the Eye Clinic in the İstanbul SSK Hopsital. After examination and FFA 185 patients were referred to other treatment centres, resulting in the SSK paying for 500 sessions with the Laser FC to these other medical centres. Infact, it would have been possible to buy two Laser FC apparatus w ith the amount that was paid for this service. (According to the currency exchange rate in March 1993 this was the equivalent of two new Laser FC apparatus.) According to the calculations in 1994, contributors to the SSK insurance scheme and their deendants total about 25 million. SSK alone treats between three and five hunderd thousand diabetic patients. Of the diabetic patients who have been receiving treatment for thirty years, BO% need treatment on the Laser FC and so it is easy to calculate the great number of SSK patient that Laser FC can benefit. If this Laser apparatus is bought it will relieve the SSK of a hefty burden, as well as preventing many patients from becoming blind. As well as this, it will help us to {ulfill our duties in the area of preventitive medicine.

Keywords: Laser FC, diabetic retinopathy