Original Article

The mass on the distal choledochal duct

  • Mustafa Şener
  • Gürhan Çelik
  • Erhan Ayşan

İstanbul Med J 1998;2(2):50-52

We performed operation a patient who computarized tomografical radiologic diagnosis was liver cyst hidatit. Her preoperative routine examinations was normal. We saw the mass on the distal choledochal duct. We performed frozen section; reported that piece examination was suspected about malignancy and defınite result going to clear after pharafine black examination. Cholecystectomy and cystectomy was performed; adhesive posterior wall of the cyst to the vena cava inferior was leaved. Reconstruction was performed by choledochoduodenostomy. There wasn't any postoperative complication. Definite pathologic diagnosis was adenocarcinoma on the adenoma floor. We undertaken her palyelinical control together onchology. She undertaken chemotherapy programme. At the postoperative 6. month control there weren't local recurrens and methastasis.

Keywords: Choledochal Cyst