Original Article

The herald hemiparesis in basilar artery thrombosis

  • Aytuğ Hayırlı
  • Cem Bayram
  • Orhan Yağız
  • Hüsniye Aslan
  • Himmet Dereci

İstanbul Med J 1998;2(2):41-42

In basilar artery thrombosis, presence of hemiparesis is not unlikely at a time when there are few or no brain stern signs upon encountering such hemiparesis, it is natural to consider a localization in the carebral hemispheres, but in the following hours bilateral hemiplegia occurs together with coma or locked in syndrome. This presentation suggests basilar artery thrombosis. Fisher calls this hemiparesis as herald hemiparesis, and reports that heparin administration or hemodilution in the early course will be benefıcial. This study reviews the elinical course and management of a 34 year-old male patient whose aymptoms commenced with acute right hemipare~is and progressed to locked-in syndrome in 12 hours, Exiun'ination through magnetic resonance imaging revealed an infarct in the pons.

Keywords: Basilar artery thrombosis, Hemiparesis