Original Article

The Effects Of Preoperative Patient-Nurse İnterview On Pain And Anxiety İn Patients Subjected To Spinal Anaesthesia

  • Hüsniye Duvarcı
  • Didem Gürsoy
  • Yavuz Selim Sarı
  • Yunus Topal
  • Necdet Derici
  • Orhan Şahin
  • Adnan Haşlak
  • Vahit Tunalı

İstanbul Med J 2006;7(4):23-26

Pain and anxiyety arise as a result of so many interactions in humans. Surgical ırauma is an important factor in pain. Anxiyety is related tas o many factors. Peroperarif information is an important factor particularly for anxiyety development. We investigated the effects of preoperative patient-nurse interview on post-operatiive pain and anxiyety in patıenis undurgoing operation with spinal anaesthesia. In this prospective randomised study, 100 patıents were evaluated as control group(50patients) and study group (50patients).

Hospital anxiety scale and visual analogue pain scale were investigated in patinets and the results were evaluated.

Consequently, positive results such as decrease in hospital anxiety ,prolangation of the necessity of the first potoperative analgesia, decrease in the total amount of analgesia and decrease in urmary retention following spinal anesthesiahave been found.

Consequently , we observed that pre-operative patient-nurse intervıew lasting approxımately for 20 minutes have decreased physical and psychological trauma that patients encounter.

Keywords: Post-Operative Paın, Hospital Anxiety ,Spinal Anaesthesia