Case Report

Isolated Tuberculosis Myelitis: A Case Report


  • Aysel Tekeşin
  • Belma Doğan
  • Orhan Yağız
  • Adil Can Güngen

İstanbul Med J 2014;15(1):63-65

Tuberculosis, which is one of the oldest infectious diseases, can affect many systems, pulmonary or extrapulmonary. Spinal block, acute transverse myelitis and radiculomyelopathy might be seen due to involvement of the spinal meninges. A 32-year-old female patient was admitted to our emergency department with complaints of high fever, urinary retention, developing to unability to walk a week later. Neurological examination revealed flaccid paraplegia and paresthesia at the level of T2. Showing contrast in cervical and dorsal magnetic resonance imaging (MRG), light signal increments on the medullary spinal cord were observed at the levels of C4-T8. Cerebrospinal fluid examination showed increased pressure, 130 cells/mm3 (90% lymphocytes), elevated protein levels and low glucose levels.The patient, with a possible diagnosis of tuberculous myelitis, was prescribed quartet anti-tuberculosis therapy for the first two months, followed by duo therapy later on. Decline was observed in the radiological imaging of the patient. After two months, neurological deficits had completely recovered. The patient was discussed with reference to the literature.

Keywords: Tuberculosis, Myelitis, Infection