Original Article

Serum ECP levels in rinitis anda asthmatic patients

  • Vildan Bayraktar
  • Güvenç Güvenen
  • Yüksel Heral
  • Sembol Türkmen
  • Füsun Erdenen
  • Birol Bayramgürler
  • Sevinç Bilgin

İstanbul Med J 2001;4(2):18-21

In this ştudy 32 patients with allergic rhinitis (group 1), 49 patients with asthma and rhinitis (group 2), and 10 control subjects were investigated. The first group consisted of20 female and 13 male (mean age 31.7±ll.6). There were 38 female and ll male (mean age 32.5±12.2) in the second group. Mean ECP concentrations of the first and second groups were 2.2-1ll ng 1 ml 4-188 ng 1 ml. respectively. Control subjects; 3 female, 7 male (mean age 34.3±12.4) had serum ECP levels 2.1-12.2 ng 1 ml. Both groups had signi{icantly higher ECP levels compared w ith normal subjects. (p<0.001 There was not significant difference between the patient groups. In conclosion serum ECP levels may be a useful marker for asthmatic and rhinitis patients.

Keywords: Allergic rhinitis, astma, eosinofilik katyonic protein (ECP