Original Article

Retrospective analysis of 562 cases which diagnosed as acute appendicitis

  • Fatih Başak
  • Erdem Kınacı
  • Yahya Kemal Çalışkan
  • Arslan Kaygusuz
  • Acar Aren

İstanbul Med J 2006;7(1):16-20


In this study, we evaluated appendectomy operared patients in our hospital retrospectively and aimed to present efficiency of diagnostic tesıs and demographic data of cases.


Files of 562 patients (321 male, 241 female, malelfemale ratio: 1.3, age range: 6-75, mean age: 29), who had operared with diagnose of acute appendicitis in emergency department of our hospital in 2003, retrospectıvely evaluated.


Cases separated into three groups. Cases with histopathologic examination reported as acute appendicitis constituted group 1 (n:469, %83.4), and cases with pathologic findings other than acute appendicitis constituted group 2 (n: ll, %1.9), and cases wıthout any pathologic findings constituted group 3 (n:82, %14.5). There is statistically difference regarding leukocyte values between group 1 and other groups. Abdarninat ultrasonography was obtained in 93 cases. Sensitivity and specificity of ultrasonography for acute appendicitis wasfound as %56.2, %76.9 respectively.


Acute appendicitis is see n frequently in young male population. Negative laparotomy is comman in females at sexually active ages. In these cases, advanced imaging techniques and/or tesıs will improve diagnostic efficiency.

Keywords: Acute appendicitis, negative laparotomy, ultrasonography