Original Article

Relationship between asthma and eosinophylic catyonic protein

  • Sertaç Özalp
  • Arzu Akçay
  • Rengin Şiraneci
  • Osman Pinçe
  • Abdullah Yüksel

İstanbul Med J 2001;4(2):47-50

Asthma is one of the comman disease of the childhood. As it is a chronic disease, became more widespread in time and carries many physicosocial and economical problems; the diagnosis and the cure of the disease is important. The ekstrensic (allergic) asthma is more comman among the children. Because of that reason the allergy tests are beıng used more often for the diagnosis. The level of serum lqE, nasal smear, number of eosinophiles ın serum and the level of specific IqE are the exanıples for these. In recent years by the results of the researches, the level of same proteins ın BAL(bronco alveoler lavaj liguid! and serum that are derivated from eosinophiles are be ing used for diagnosis. In our research we rewieved the last knowledges about the genral properties ofthese proteins and especially about ECP without searching for how they are being used or diagnosis.

Keywords: Asthma, Eosinphylic Catyonic Protein