Case Report

Rare Complication in Hemodialysis Patients Due To Use of Low Molecular Weight Heparin; Abdominal Rectus Sheath Hematoma


  • Ebru Gök Oğuz
  • Mesudiye Bulut
  • Müge Erek
  • Nihal Özkayar
  • Serhan Pişkinpaşa
  • Ezgi Yenigün
  • Didem Turgut
  • Fatih Dede

Received Date: 27.07.2012 Accepted Date: 23.08.2012 İstanbul Med J 2013;14(1):63-65

Abdominal rectus sheath hematoma is a rare illness, however it can be fatal. One of the most important predisposing factors is anticoagulant treatment. Anticoagulation treatment is an important part of the maintaining chronic hemodialysis procedures and the use of low molecular weight heparin has increased for this purpose in recent years. The rectus sheath hematoma induced by LMWH has been reported in acute coronary syndrome and deep vein thrombosis (DVT) cases. In the process of LMWH treatment, if the sudden onset of abdominal mass, abdominal pain and rapidly intensifying anemia occurs in the patients, rectus sheath hematoma should be considered in the differential diagnosis.

Keywords: Low molecular weight heparin, hemodialysis, rectus sheath hematoma