Original Article

Periton Penetrating Stab Wounds

  • Erhan Ayşan
  • Kerim Özatay
  • Gürhan Çelik

İstanbul Med J 1998;2(2):4-8

We examined restrospectively 61 cases of penetrating abdominal stab wounds which come to SSK İstanbul Edicational Hospital between 1990-1995. Liver was the most injured (24%), so we determined that right hypocondrial injuries have highest morbidity. Most often injuried area was umblical area (54%). It was interested that there wasn't any injury of left hypocondrium and hypogastrium. Laparotomy of 23% cases there wasn't any pathology (uncurative laparotomy). Most used curative manupilation was the primer suturation. Peritoneal lavage is very voluable for prevention of the uncurative laparotomy. Preoperative CT and laparoscopy isn't as valuable as peritoneal lavage. These two methods could use only cases whose hasn't die risc.

Keywords: Stab wounds and periton penetration