Case Report

Nocardia Cerebral Abscess in Miliary Tuberculosis: A Case Report

  • Erhan YENİARAS
  • Pınar ACAR
  • Naile TOPRAK
  • Emine ÖZYUVACI

İstanbul Med J 2010;11(3):142-144

Nocardia is an aerobic actinomycete found in soil. It is acquired primarily by inhalation to the lung. Although nocardial infections have been seen in immunocompromised patients, it has been seen rarely in non-immunocompromised patients. Cerebral nocardia abscesses are rare. Headaches seem to be the most frequent presenting symptom. In this case report, we discuss a nocardial brain abscess case and its management.

Keywords: Miliary tuberculosis, nocardiosis, cerebral abscess