Case Report

Mad-Honey Intoxication in Three Individual Patients Admitted to the Emergency Department


  • Burcu Öztürk
  • Fatma Nihan Çağlar
  • Burcugül Kaya
  • Duygu Uysal
  • Turgut Karabağ

İstanbul Med J 2014;15(3):196-198

Mad-honey poisoning is a type of food intoxication caused by the ingestion of grayanotoxin-contaminated honey. Low doses of grayanotoxin can cause dizziness, hypotension, and bradycardia, however higher doses can cause severe life-threatening conditions that effect especially cardiovascular system. In this paper, we present 3 individual cases admitted to our hospital emergency service presented with similar clinical pictures in 10 consecutive days.

Keywords: Mad-honey, graniyotoxin, rhododendron ponticum