Original Article

Lupus Vulgaris

  • Yasin Görücü
  • A. Yüksel Barut
  • İlhan N. Mutlu

İstanbul Med J 2006;7(3):36-39

Tuberculosis remains one of the most important infectious disease s involving all countries worldwide because of lOto 12 million ineide nt cases and mortality rates over 3 millions annually. it is inevitable that the recent increase in pulmonary tuberculosis will alsa lead to an increase in dermal tuberculosis. Therefore, two cases of dermal tuberculosis recently dıagnosed and treated m our department are presented and discussed.

Case 1:

A 51 year-old female patient with a scaly papular lesi on of 10 cm diameter over the rıght facial region extending from the front ear area to below the jaw and characterized by an atrophic base with a peripheral erythematous border. 1-listopathologıcally, lupus vulgarıs was dıagnosed and an antituberculosis treatment started thereafter.

Case 2:

A ll year-old female patient having hemorrhagic, crusty and erythematous nodular lesions with an atrophic base of 4-5 cm over the left mandibular area and apost-lesianal scar below the Jaw. A necrotizing granulomatous dermatitis was seen in a biopsy from the lesion. peR examination of the lesion revealed m. tuberculosis DNA positıvity anda PPD test was measured to be i 9 mm. Diagnosed as having lupas vulgaris. the treatment was started.

Keywords: Skin tuberculosis, ltıpas vulgaris, granulomatous disease