Local Allergic Rhinitis (Entopy): Review of the Literature


  • Öner Özdemir

Received Date: 05.09.2017 Accepted Date: 14.12.2017 İstanbul Med J 2018;19(3):194-201

Local allergic rhinitis is defined by symptoms same as those of allergic rhinitis, but with lack of systemic atopy markers. Although prevalence data in the general population are unknown, various studies evaluating patients with rhinitis have shown that local allergic rhinitis may be present in 47%-63% of patients, formerly categorized as non-allergic rhinitis with perennial and/or seasonal symptoms; further, it may peak by affecting up to 26% of rhinitis patients referred for allergological evaluation. Data from a retrospective survey demonstrated onset of the disease during childhood in more than 1 of 3 patients with local allergic rhinitis. Local allergic rhinitis is diagnosed via positive response to nasal allergen provocation test to aeroallergen and/or local synthesis of specific IgE. Local allergic rhinitis should be considered in the differential diagnosis of chronic rhinitis in children because positive responses to nasal allergen provocation test were detected in at least 50% of the children with perennial rhinitis and negative skin prick test. In addition to antihistaminics, decongestants, and nasal corticosteroids, allergen specific immunotherapy is the last resort in local allergic rhinitis treatment.

Keywords: Local allergic rhinitis, entopy, chronic rhinitis, allergic rhinitis