Original Article

Laparotomy Results in 1000 Cases With Diagnosed Acute Appendicitis

  • Özer Çelik
  • Kerim Özakay
  • Erhan Ayşan
  • Feyzullah Ersöz

İstanbul Med J 1998;2(2):15-18

We evaluated retrospectively 1000 cases that operated with prior diagnosed acute appendicitis. All cases were applied and operated in SSK İstanbul Educational Hospital between 1993-1995. We evaluated 138 cases postoperatively about age, sex and pathologies without acute appendicitis. We observed that acute appendicitis most often in 11-20 years old (35.9%), most few over 70 years old (0.6%), most often pathologies without acute appendicitis in 21-30 years old women (30. 7%), negative laparotomy most often in 11-20 years old (23.3%). It is never forgotten that there were genital pathologies in this age group women before establish acute appendicitis diagnosis. Clinical fındings aren't enough for defıned diagnosis and prevent negative laparotomy for women in fertile period. We need advanced laboratuary technics in this group patients (abdominal ultrasonography, abdominal computerised tomography, diagnostic laparoscopy). However acute appendicitis confuses with mesenteric lenfadenitis in 0-10 years old male children (25%).

Keywords: Acute appendicitis