Original Article

Effect of Glycemic Control on Refractive Changes and Corneal Topography in diabetic patients with Hyperglycemia

  • Elif Karagöz
  • Erkan Bulut
  • Tülay Alpar Akçetin
  • Kadir Eltutar

İstanbul Med J 2007;8(1):11-14


To investigate the effect of intensive glycemic control on hyperglycemia induced changes in refraction, comel topography in diabetic patients.

Material and Methods:

13 diabetic patients with plasma glucose >300mg/dl were enrolled in the study consecutively. Autorefraction, comeal topography were carried out at presentation and after metabotic control of b!ood sugar (plasma glucose profile <200mg/dl) . One eye of each patient was selected randamly for statistical analysis.


Mean plasma glucose levels were 300 mg/dı before and 120mgldl after treatment. The difference in the refraction was statistically significant. 8 ofpatients became hyperopic,5 became myopic .The mean value s for the topographic data of the steepest axis were 43,98- 1.27D on admission and 44,00-1,39D at the second examination .The mean valuesfor the topographic measurements of the fiattest axis were 43,30-1,00D on admission and 43.50-1,29 D at the second examinations. There was a signijicant change in the comeal topographic keratomctric measurement at the fiattest comeal meridian after treatment.


This study confirms that a good glycemic control is important for visual prognosis before cataract and refractive surgery.

Keywords: diabetic retinopathy, comeal topography