Original Article

Diagnostic Accuracy of Tru-Cut Biopsy for Soft Tissue Tumors


  • Seza Tetikkurt
  • Yazgı Köy
  • Ozan Beytemür
  • Ramazan Albayrak
  • Alev Bakır

Received Date: 29.10.2017 Accepted Date: 25.05.2018 İstanbul Med J 2018;19(4):295-299


Biopsy is an essential step in the diagnosis of patients with soft tissue tumors. Tru-cut biopsy is a simple procedure that could be performed in the outpatient setting under local anesthesia. It is cost-effective and less time consuming compared with the open biopsy. The aim of the present retrospective study is to assess this biopsy technique with regard to the diagnostic accuracy for soft tissue tumors.


Patients with suspected soft tissue tumors undergoing tru-cut biopsy and a subsequent tumor resection at our hospital between January 2011 and June 2015 were evaluated retrospectively. Tru-cut biopsy results were compared with the final histopathological diagnosis of the resected tissue specimens. All specimens were routinely stained with hematoxylin and eosin. Immunohistochemistry was performed whenever indicated for differential diagnosis. The sensitivity, specificity, and diagnostic accuracy were calculated and compared using Kappa analysis.


Overall, 41 patients were enrolled in the study. The mean age of the patients was 52.8±16.8 years. Of the 41 patients, 36 had primary soft tissue tumors, and 5 were diagnosed with secondary soft tissue tumors. The diagnostic correlation of the tru-cut biopsy and the resected tissue specimen was 89% (Kappa analysis, p<0.001), whereas sensitivity and specificity was 93.3% and 90.9%, respectively.


Tru-cut biopsy is a safe and efficient procedure for the diagnosis of soft tissue tumors. In high grade malignant mesenchymal tumors, the biopsy may not reveal the specific type but may be useful by demonstrating malignant features. In contrast, for low grade, benign, and well-differentiated tumors, a preoperative radiological correlation is essential for the final diagnosis. Although tru-cut biopsy is not diagnostic by itself, it is useful in leading the clinician in the diagnostic pathway. Tru-cut biopsy is a safe, minimally invasive, and time- and cost-effective technique for identifying soft tissue tumors.

Keywords: Soft tissue neoplasms, diagnosis, pathology, biopsy, needle