Original Article

Correlation of Acute Appendicitis with Age, Gender and Leukocyte Count

  • Acar AREN
  • Aylin Hande GÖKÇE
  • Feridun Suat GÖKÇE
  • Kerim ÖZAKAY
  • Şefika AKSOY
  • Binnur KARAGÖZ
  • Gürhan ÇELİK
  • İbrahim AYDIN

İstanbul Med J 2009;10(3):126-129


The purpose of our study was to investigate the association of acute appendicitis with age, gender and leukocyte count.


In our retrospective study, we have reviewed 302 cases of appendectomy within the year 2008.


Histopatologic diagnosis was acute appendicitis in 250 patients (82,78%), and 52 patients diagnosed differently. 60,80% of male and 39,20% of female patients, who were operated for acute appendicitis received the histopathologic diagnosis of acute appendicitis. Acute appendicitis showed significant difference between two genders. Ratio of female patients that had a histopathologic diagnosis inconsistent with acute appendicitis were significantly higher than the males (55.77% versus 44.23%, P=0,04). Leukocyte count was assessed in 3 groups. Group 1 had a leukocyte count less than 10.000,Group2 had 10.000 to 15.000,Group3 had leukocyte count more than15.000.Second group did not show a higher risk for acute appendicitis (P=0.153). Significant difference was determined in Group 3 (P=0.042).Group 3 had 2,5 times higher risk for developing acute appendicitis. Age was also assessed in 3 groups: Group A included patients 15 to 30 years of age, Group B included patients 30 to 45 years of age, Group C included patients older than 45. Age groups did not show any difference for having a histopathologic diagnosis of acute appendicitis among patients that were operated for acute appendicitis.58.80% of the patients was in Group A, 28.80% in Group B and 12.40% in Group C.


Male gender, age between 15-30 and leukocyte number above 15.000 were determined as risk factors for acute appendicitis.

Keywords: Acute Appendicitis, Leukocytosis