Case Report

An Important Causative Organism in Childhood Septic Arthritis: Brucella Melitensis (Case Report)


  • Abdullah DEMİRTAŞ
  • Tevfik ERZİNCAN
  • Sadık AKGÜN
  • Tuğrul AKKUŞ
  • İbrahim AZBOY
  • İdris Ahmet ÇAKIR

Received Date: 28.10.2010 Accepted Date: 16.02.2011 İstanbul Med J 2011;12(2):101-104

Herein, we present a 12-year-old child with septic elbow arthritis due to Brucella melitensis. In endemic regions, this pathogen should also be included in the differential diagnosis for prompt diagnosis and management.

Keywords: Brucella melitensis, childhood, elbow, culture, septicarthritis, Wright test