Case Report

A Ruptured Hydatid Cyst Case Applied to Emergency Unit with Urticaria and Syncope: A Case Report


  • Ahmet Burak TOROS
  • Hakan TANİN
  • Acar AREN

Received Date: 23.11.2011 Accepted Date: 19.09.2012 IMJ 2012;13(4):195-198

Hydatid cyst is a parasitic infection caused by Echinococcus granulosus and Echinococcus alveolaris. This infection is characterized by cyst formations and can involve all organs in the body including liver and lung frequently. Hepatic hydatid cyst is generally asymptomatic. Main problem is the frequency and severity of complications. If the cyst is ruptured as a result of external trauma or spontaneously or during a surgical intervention, outcomes can range between a simple urticarial rash to anaphylactic shock or even death. In some rare conditions, the only sign of the rupture can be urticarial skin rashes and/or syncope. Here we present a 56-year-old female Turkish patient with hydatid cyst rupture in liver, who applied with urticaria and syncope as the result of spontaneous rupture and had a resistant hypotension, in accompany with the literature. We would like to emphasize that hydatid cyst rupture should be recurred to the mind in differential diagnosis of patients, who apply with allergic reactions and syncope.

Keywords: Rupture of hydatid cyst, syncope, urticaria