Case Report

Zinc Deficiency and Anemia: A Case Report

  • Müzeyyen Beydoğan
  • Çiğdem Usul Afşar
  • Kezban Nur Pilancı
  • Sevda Gökbakar
  • Mehmet Emin Pişkinpaşa
  • Mecdi Ergüney

IMJ 2006;7(1):38-39

Zinc is an essential mineral which is needed to be taken in same amount everyday for optimal health. Zinc deficiency is seen in same physiological processes such as fastened growing up period, pregnancy, preterm period and in the elderly. Same pathological conditions such as liver diseases, malabsorption syndromes and long term parenteral nutrition alsa can cause it.

Sixteen year old boy admıtted to our clinic with complaints of dizziness andfatigue. W e examıned splenomegaly, growth retardation, xerosis in his skin and an ulcerated unhealing lesion in his righ foot finger. Laboratory results were related with anemia and zinc deficiency. Zinc andferrous supplements were given together to the patient. The patient was control/ed by monthly visits and his anemia recovered up.

Keywords: zinc, metalloenzyme, anemia, zinc deficiency