Original Article

Ventricular Septal Defects And Surgical Treatment

  • Aydın Aytaç

IMJ 1994;1(2):1-4

596 cases of venticular se ptal defect (VSD) Operated as a primary lesson between 1962-1993 are presented. In the last ten years, almost all operations are performed by transatial route. If the operation is held in the first two years of life, a perfect care for a life ofnormallength and quality is achieved. In thıs group ef patients late mortality is very rare and it is usually because of the arrythmias. Nowadays death because of complete A-V black is quite ra re. In the last ten years, the mortality rate has been decreased to 1-2%. The reasons of this decrease are accurate preoperational diagnosis, good myocardial protection, advanced surgical, supportive techniques and postoperative care. In spite of these, if pulmonary hypertension and consequent pulmonary resistance develops in children with large VSD, mortality rate increasens. This group of patients should be operated as soan as possible, preferasy in the first months of life. If the growth of the infant is good, no frequent up per respiratory tract infections are jean and pulmonory ortery pressure is normal, the ideal age for operation is between 2-5 years.

Keywords: Ventricular septal defect (VSD). Operative treatment