Case Report

Ureter Duplication and Ectopic Ureter Opening to the Prostatic Urethra

  • Göksel TUZCU
  • A. Yüksel BARUT
  • Adil ÖZTÜRK
  • Yeşim KARAGÖZ
  • Mustafa D. AYBAR

IMJ 2010;11(3):145-148

Ectopic ureter is the displacement of the ureter from its normal location. It is more frequent in women and occasionally seen with double collection and excretion system. It is important because of the frequent urinary system infections in childhood and life-threatening symptoms in adults. In this article, we report the radiologic findings of a double ureter case with ectopic ureter opening to the prostatic urethra.

Keywords: Ectopic ureter, double ureter, prostatic urethra