Original Article

Transanallocal Excision Of Rectal Cancer

  • Fatih Başak
  • Mansuni Sevinç
  • Ali Tardu
  • Gürhan Çelik
  • Şefika Aksoy
  • Acar Aren

IMJ 2006;7(2):16-18

Transanal local excision is treatment of choice in rectal sessi/e or pedunculated adenomatous polyp placed distal l/3. But in rectal cancer, transanal excision can be used in selected patients with placed distal l/3, Tis or TJNO. Also some criteria are available for this procedure. Preoperative same imaging modalities are necessary (Endorectal ultrasonography for evaluation of lymphatic invasion and colonoscopy for synchronous cancer).

On current study, three rectal mass patients which transanal excision performed presented with the literature.

In conclusion, Local excision in rectal cancer has to be referred as a kind of exeisianal biopsy, and need for definitive resection is evaluated by pathologic examination and additional imaging techniques such as endorectal ultrasonography and abdominal tomography.

Keywords: Rectal cancer, transanal excision