Original Article

The Comparison ofContinuous SpinalAnoesthesia and Single Shot Spinal Anaesthesia Tecniques on Patients with Total Endaprothesis

  • Alev Üstüner
  • Emine Özyuvacı
  • Naile Toprak
  • Nevin Eren

IMJ 2007;8(1):7-10


We compared the effects of single dose spinal anaesthesia and continuous spinal anaesthesia on postdural puncture headache (PDPH) and hemodynamy.

Materials and Methods:

ASA III-IV group, 80 patients were randamly selectedfor total endoprothesis. Patients were divided into two groups. First the ones who received single dose spinal anaesthesia (GroupT)(n=40), and the second who received continuous dose anaesthesia (Group S) (n=40). Group T patients were injected 10 mg bupivacaine into subarachnoid between L 3-4 . In Group S, 7.5 mg bupivacaine was injected through microspinal catheter. W e determined analgesia and motor blockage.


Motor blackage was observed in 4.05 minutes on GroupTand 5.48 minutes Group S (p


In order to stabilize hemodynamy, continuous spinal anaesthesia has been found to be safer compared to spinal anaesthesia for high risk patients.We observed that the continuous tecnique has minimized brain spinalfluid leakage and reduced incidance of PDPH.

Keywords: Spinal anaesthesia. continuous spinal anaesthesia, postdural puncture headache