Case Report

Respiratuary Jailure Caused By Myxedema: A Case Report

  • Mustafa Kemal Arslantaş
  • Tolga Şitilci
  • Reyhan Arslantaş
  • Fatma Alibaz Öner
  • Fikret Kutlu

IMJ 2006;7(2):37-39

A 52-year old female patient, who applied to the emergency service with complaints of respiratory distress and palpitation during the last week, was interned to the cardiology service with a diagnosis of congestive he art failure. The following day sh e was sent to our intensive care un it due to a decline in her general health state and respiratory insujficiency. In this case, diagnosed respiratuary failure complicated with myxedema is presented.

Keywords: Myxedema, Respiratuary Failure