Radical Cystectomy and Organ Preservation Treatment Modalities in Muscleinvasive Bladder Cancer


  • Mustafa Kadıhasanoğlu
  • Mustafa Aydın
  • Emre Karabay
  • Uğur Yücetaş
  • Mahmut Gökhan Toktaş

Received Date: 17.11.2014 Accepted Date: 01.11.2015 IMJ 2016;17(2):41-47

Worldwide, bladder carcinoma is the most diagnosed cancer, and it is the most common urologic malignancy among men in Turkey. Although bladder carcinoma is diagnosed at an early stage of the disease, 100,000 patients are diagnosed with the muscle-invasive or advanced stage each year. Radical cystectomy (RC) and bilateral lymph node dissection are the gold standard treatments for muscle-invasive bladder cancer. Partial cystectomy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, transurethral resection, and combined treatment modalities are other treatment options when RC is not suitable for patients. Oncologic outcomes, complications, effects on the quality of life, and cost of treatment change in each treatment modality. In this article, we aimed to review the treatment modalities for urinary bladder cancer such as radical surgical method and bladder-sparing modalities in light of the current literature.

Keywords: Bladder cancer, cystectomy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, organsparing treatments