Case Report

Peripheral Giant Cell Granuloma of the Hard Palate


  • Sermin Kibar
  • Hilmi Yılmaz
  • Banu Atalay Erdoğan
  • Arif Şanlı
  • Sibel Kayahan

Received Date: 14.08.2012 Accepted Date: 28.11.2012 IMJ 2013;14(2):136-139

Peripheral giant cell granuloma is a rare exophytic lesion of the oral cavity that arises from the periodontal or the periosteal membrane. Although it is a benign lesion, it may cause localized destruction. The etiology of these lesions is still unknown. Factors such as poor oral hygiene and a decrease in salivary flow may play a role in the development of these lesions. In this case report, we present a peripheral giant cell granuloma case originating in the hard palate and extending to the oral cavity. It was causing bleeding and articulation problems. After excision of the tumor, the bone defect of the maxillary sinus and mucosal defect of the hard palate were reconstructed with septal cartilage and a split thickness skin graft.

Keywords: Peripheral giant cell granuloma, hard palate, excision