Original Article

Percutaneus Treatment Approaches to simple renal eysts

  • Vural Saçak
  • Suat Özkan
  • H. İbrahim Bozkurt
  • Bülent Mansuroğlu
  • Erdinç Ünlüer

IMJ 1994;1(2):19-21

With introduction of ultrasonography in modern Urology, there has been much ease in diagnosis and treatment of mann diseases. In conjunction to this, there has been improvements in treatment of simple renal cysts w ith ultrasound guided percutaneous approaches. On the three year follow up of patients with renal cysts being aspirated, there is recurrence of 87,5% in 24 patients where only aspiration is performed, where as only I out of ll patients developed recurrent cysts in combination of 95% ethylalkolol sclerotherapy and percutaneous cyst aspiration. İt is concluded that, ultrasound guided percutaneous cyst aspiration in conjunction with sclerozing substance instillation is an effective treatment modality with low morbidity and cost.

Keywords: ultrasound, Simple renal cyst, Sclerozing substance