Case Report

Pelvic Retroperitoneal Mass Mimicking the Adnexial Mass: A Case of Schwannoma

  • Güler Ateser
  • Deniz Yıldıran
  • Aytaç Yüksel
  • Haluk Bacanakgil
  • Kemal Behzatoğlu
  • Ramazan Özyurt
  • Birtan Boran

IMJ 2006;7(2):40-42

Schwannoma is rare benign neurogenic tımzor deriving from schwann eel/s of the peripheral nerve sheath. These neoplasms may originate at any anatomic site but tumors of the sacral plexus are rare.

We report two patıents with pelvic mass reaching the umbilicus at pelvic examination. At the abdarninat ultrasound and computerized tomography the masses were thought to be adnexial. At laparotomy the masses were seen to be retroperitoneal. The masses were totally excised. Histopathological evaluatıons revealed that both masses were benign schwannoma.

Preoperative diagnosis is very difficult and sametimes impossible. Operation is very difficult and complicated. Retroperitoneal masses such as schwannomas that are rarely seen should be m mind for the differential diagnosis of the patients with an adnexial mass.

Keywords: Retroperitoneal mass, schwannoma