Case Report

Intestinal Obstruction Due To Colo-Colic Intussusception By Sigmoid Lipoma

  • Fatih Başak
  • Mansuni Sevinç
  • Şefika Aksoy
  • Gürhan Çelik
  • Acar Aren

IMJ 2006;7(1):43-44

lntestinal intussusception is frequent in children. 5% of reported cases are in adults, and responsı'ble for 1 o/o of intestinal obstruction in adults. In contrast to intussusceptions in children, a demonstrable etiology is found in 90% of cases in the adult population.

In this report, we present a case of intestinal obstruction due to colocolic intussusception by sigmoid lipoma.

Keywords: lntestinal obstruction, sigmoid, lipoma