Insulin Allergy


  • Füsun Erdenen
  • Fatma Eda Nuhoğlu Kantarcı

Received Date: 24.10.2015 Accepted Date: 17.12.2015 IMJ 2016;17(3):77-81

At present, hypersensitivity reactions to human insulins and insulin analogs are rare, although these reactions were relatively common when bovine and porcine insulins were used. Clinical presentation can range from local reactions to severe anaphylaxis. Local reactions may decrease insulin absorption, which may disrupt blood glucose regulation. These reactions may be caused by insulin itself or by its additives. Systemic reactions following insulin injection require allergologic work-up. Desensitization therapy is a good option for patients with multiple insulin sensitizations.

Keywords: Insulin, allergy, hypersensitivity, desensitization