In-Home Health Services as an Alternative Form of Presentation of Patient Care

  • Mesut YILMAZ
  • Fettah SAMETOĞLU
  • Gülden AKMEŞE
  • Aslıhan TAK
  • Belma YAĞBASAN
  • Serkan GÖKÇAY
  • Mustafa SAĞLAM
  • Simge ERDEM

IMJ 2010;11(3):125-132

The preservation of public health and provision of health services at home after patients are discharged from the hospital has gained in importance in recent years. Although the history of home-care, which implies the provision of healthcare in an individual’s household environment, began in the Middle Ages, the true practice of home-care for patients started in the 19th century. In this article, the history and nature of home-care of patients, its extent and the economic burden on social security organizations in countries like the United States are discussed.

Keywords: In-home patient care, social security institutions