Original Article

Metabolic Syndrome

  • Serap Çelik
  • Esma Altunoğlu
  • Fatma Dilek Dellal

IMJ 2007;8(1):22-24

Metabolic syndrome has been one of the mast mentionedin medicalliterature and it is the cause of physical inactivity and over nutritional feeding by industrial development and increasing wealth. We face the epidemy of metabolic syndrome because of that we approve the western life style. The ineidence of the risk of cardiovascular disease uprises as obesite,diabetis mellitus, hypertension, dislipidemy increases. lnsulin resistance when it is over35!40 approx. Ideal body weight. Central obosite and insuline resistance is the most important item in patagenesis of the metabolic syndrome in the riskfactors of the cardiovascular disease. Our research in over 100 patientswho were not hypertansion,diabet and other chronic disease s ,applied to our hospital. Their age intervals were 16_71. These patients' waist size, tansion and bload samples were taken. Results identifıed by statistical rules which wre done as two key test, TAMHANE test analysis of one way variance.lncidance of metabolic syndrome has be en increased day by dayand this causes danger for cardiovascular disease.

Keywords: Metabolic Syndrome