Original Article

Littre's Hernia Based On A Case Report

  • Nurhan Gözcü
  • Nejat Derici
  • Oğuz Koç
  • Uğur Aydın
  • Mehmet Cansunar
  • Dursun Akdemir

IMJ 2001;4(2):29-31

The presence of a divertukulum in a hernia sac is defıned as littre's hernia. Meckel's diverticulum, the most comman true diverticulum of the intestine is a congenital diverticulum that results from incomplet closure of ompholome· senteric duct and is presented in various {orms as to the location the closure. The most comman complications of the meckel diverticulum are mechanical bowel obstruction, bleedıng and inflamation in the adult. The concept that symptomatic Meckel diverticulum are vastly found in childhood has been challanged in recent years. The most comman symptom in childhood is bleeding. The ineidence of Littre's hernia is 0.3 percent throughout the all etranglated hernias. The case presented here is 61 year old, male and was admitted to hospital with etranglated inguinal hernia. Segmental ileum resection involving the divertuculum was performed and hıs inguinal hernia was repaired.

Keywords: Littre's Hernia, Meckel's diverticulum