Original Article

Leiomyomatozis Peritonealis Disseminata

  • Fuat Karatepe
  • Gülben Erdem Huq
  • Yusuf Karalı
  • Serpil Bozkurt

IMJ 2001;4(2):44-46

(LPD) is an extremely rare elinical antity. lt has heen reported about 50 cases in literature. Altlwugh it is seen mostly in women of reproductiue ages, it ıs clinıcally im portant hecause of the appearance is .Just like the same as carsınomatozis. In this study, a ca se of LPD which is seen durıng sezaryen sectıo abdomınalıs is reported.

Keywords: Leiomyomatozis Peritonealıs Dıssemınata (LPDJ