Original Article

Hemodiyaliz Hastalarında Serum Beta-2 Mikroglobulin Seviyeleri ve Amiloidoz

  • Ercan Komar
  • Fatma Karakullukçu
  • Kenan Onsun
  • Elmas Orak
  • Burhan Bedir
  • Serhat Perk

IMJ 1994;1(2):9-12

In this study, we investigated carreZatian between serıım beta- 2 mieroglobulin (B2M) levels with different paHtmeters alıd amylaidosis progress in 87 pattents who were receivitıg hemodialysis. Patients were examined for sex, age and hemodialysis duration and alsa B2M and creatinine levels for this purpose. Alsa in 13 patients tvho had symptoms and elinical signs for amyloidosis rectal biopsy was performed ih order to show the accumulation of amyloid. These speeimenll u!ere examined with hemcUoxylin-eosin and congo-red 11tain11. According to the results no significant relationship was found between the duration of dialysis with B2M and B2M with serum creatinine levels and there was no signi{icdnt diffetetıce between sex and age groups. In all biopsy materials which were histologically studied accumulation of amyloid material was found negative. In conclusion, the duratton of hemodialysis had no effeet on serum beta-2 microglobulin levels and relationship betwelm amyloidosis with hemodialysis should be studied in more larger series.

Keywords: HemtJdialysis, Betft'2 microglobulin, Amiloydosis