Original Article

Experience on one-staged operation ofhypospadias cases

  • Vural Saçak
  • Atalay Yüzay
  • Cumali Ergün
  • Reşit Tokuç
  • Erdinç Ünlüer

IMJ 1994;1(2):22-24

We performed one-staged repair procedures to 78 hypospadias patients between aprill992 and november 1993 in our clinic. The mean age was 6 years. The meatus was located proksimally or midpenil in 22 patients, distally in 56 patients. 62 of the cases were primary white 16 were secondary or multipl. The repair was succesful in 65 patients (83%), and postoperative penile fistula developed in 13 patients (17%). Only 2 fistulas developed in primary cases, and all the remaining ll fistula patients were multiple and scarred re-do operations.

Keywords: Hypospadias, One-staged repair