Original Article

Evaluation Of 48 Patients With Sarcoidosis

  • Leyla Tuncer
  • Tülin Sevim
  • Aydanur Mihmanlı

IMJ 2001;4(2):22-25

Forty eight bıopsy-proved sarcodiosıs cases ( 30 females, 62.5%; 18 males, 37.5%: age range 17-61 years) were evaluated respect to clinıcal and radıologiı·al findıngs, dragnostıc procedures, treatment, and treatment outcome. Thırty two percent of the patıents were asymptomatıc. Of the 48 patıents, 26 (54.2%) were classıfıed as Stage I dısease. Serum angıotensin-converting enzyme level was ıncreased ın 21 (63.6%) patients. Hypercalcıuria was detected ın 3 (8.1%) patıents. Eıghteen (37.5%) patients had extapulmonary organ ınvolvement. Thirty four patıents were receıued s terord treatment. Chnıcal and radıologıcal improvenıent was detected ın 21 (61.8%) patients. Among the 14 patlents who were fallawed-up wıthout treatment, 6 (42.9%) were showed spontaneously remısSion, and 8 (57.1%) remaın stable.

Keywords: Sarcoidosis, elinical tındıng, treatment outcome