Original Article

Effects of Alendronate Therapy and In Postmenopausal Woman With Low Bone Mass

  • Ayfer Kanberoğlu
  • Levent Özgönenel

IMJ 2001;4(2):10-12

To evaluate tolerability and affects on bone mineral density (BMDJ of alendronate, 40 healthy, postmenopausal women (45-70 yr o{ age) with low bone mass were randomly assigned to receive oral alendronate lOmg. Once daily for 1 year. Dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) was used to measure lumbar sp ine and hip BMD. One year of treatment with alendronate produced significant and progressive increases in BMD among patients in this study.

Keywords: Alendronate, bisphosphonate, bone mıneral density, postmenopausel osteoporosıs