Original Article

Duodenal Ülser Perforasyonlarının Tedavisinde Vagotomi + Piloroplastinin Yeri

  • Hüseyin Altun
  • Ö. Faruk Kayıkçı
  • İsmail Taşan

IMJ 1994;1(2):13-15

The place of vagotomy+Pyloroplasty in duodenal ulcu perforations. Perforation is one of the major complications of "Duodenal ulcer" in which absolute surgical treatment is indicated The surgial treatment not only effects morbidity and mortality significantly but alsa is rather influential in reoperation and in recurrent ulser formation. In this study, the differences between primer suture+omentoplasti and TV+Pyloroplasty have been researched. The 49 cases have been considered through 1987-1990. All our cases have been chosen among the ones that applied in initial 8 hours. Non of the patients had additional systemic diseases. The cases have been tesearched prospectively and retrospectively.

Keywords: Duadenal ulcus, perforation Vagotomy+pyloroplasty