Case Report

Bruceila endocarditis in a patient with aortic va/ve replacement: Case Report

  • Çiğdem Usul Afşar
  • Cüneyt Müderrisoğlu
  • R. Bilge Özgül Özdemir
  • Gökçen Gökcan
  • Hayri Polat

IMJ 2006;7(2):34-36

lnfective endocarditis is an infectious disease usually caused by bacteria, which occurs in native cardiac valves, congenital cardiovascular lesions, prosthetic valves and other prosthetic materials. Brucelfa endocarditis is a potentıal/y fatal complication of brucellosis but it is rare. This infection is generally caused by infected milk and milk products.

Our case is a 49 year old woman with aortic valve replacement who has taken the diagnosis of bruce/losis 1 year ago. The patient admitted to our clinic with complaints of fever, shivering and fatigue. In blood cultures of the patient, brucelfa sp. is mounted up and echocardiography revealed restricted mavement of the prosthetic aortic valve ( retated with thrombosis). Wright agglutination test was positive and splenic infaretion was examined in abdominal USG and CT. After the canfirmation of the diagnosis, antibiotherapy was given agent spesificly and the patient was directed to cardiovascular surgery to be evaluated for the cardiac valve rep/acement.

Keywords: infective endocarditis, brucella, aortic va/ve replacement