Case Report

Appendix Mucocele Treatment with Partial Resection of the Cecum


  • Vedat Bayrak
  • Necmi Yücekule

Received Date: 27.11.2015 Accepted Date: 17.01.2016 IMJ 2016;17(3):104-106

The appendix mucocele is described as creating a cystic structure filled with mucus. Mucosal, mucosal hyperplasia, mucinous cystadenoma, mucinous or may occur in cystadenocarcinomas. The appendix mucocele usually asymptomatic, but the most common symptom is pain in the right lower quadrant. Preoperative diagnostic ultrasonography and computed tomography can be performed. Mucocele treatment involves surgery and appendectomy benign with malignant reason why it is recommended adequate by hemicolectomy. Appendectomy can be performed with partial resection of the cecum in some cases. We call treated with partial resection of the cecum, appendix. In this case report, we present a case of mucocele treatment.

Keywords: Appendix, cecum, mucocele