Original Article

Analysis of Patient Satisfaction in Intensive Care Unit

  • Reyhan Arslantaş
  • Tolga Şitilci
  • Emine Özyuvacı
  • Fikret Kutlu
  • Mustafa Kemal Arslantaş

IMJ 2006;7(2):1-4


One of the crucıal elementsin medicalservicesis intensive care unıts (ICU). The high quality of the services in these units will have an impact on the quality and duratron of the patient's life. The most important method of measuring the quality of the service is to measure the satisfaction level of the patient.


Of the 1008 patients treated in our ICU between I Jan. 2004 and 31 December 2004, 32 patients were included in our research. They were given a questionnaire and they were selected among those who had a clear conscious and who were cooperate and orientate. The que stionnaire to measure the quality of service consisted of two main parts: The first part included demographic data whereas the second part included questions to determine the level of the quality of service. Second part of questions was alsa divided in two sections: The first seetion composed of 29 questions in the form of Likert-5; the second seetion composed of 2 open-end questions, where the patı e nt could give hıs own opinions. These questions were applied factor analysis. The validity and reliability test of the questionnaire was positive.


It was found that the demographic characteristics of the patient had an impact on the patient's satisfaction. In the analysis of questions tabe/ed with 5 points that saıd, "Very satisfied", 7 factors were found. It was al so understood that in the open-end questions, the patients were mostly bothered by the noise and the behavior of same ICU workers.


Upon the detail analysis of the data we obtaıned, we determined that the patients who took part in our reserach were general/y satisfied with the ICU service s. We believe that this re search conducted with more patients will improve the quality of services of ICU and the quality ofpatient's remaining lives.

Keywords: Patıent satisfaction, lntensive care unit