Original Article


  • Birtan Boran
  • Güler Bağbozan
  • Rana Özveri
  • Atilla Ozgan
  • Zehra Caner

IMJ 1994;1(2):36-41

Intraamniotic 85ml ofwarmed 0.9% saline was given by amnioinfusion through the abdominal route by 20-gauge needle to two oligohidramniotic patients Preterm premature rupture of membrane were diagnosed after the procedure in both cases. The patients were followed daily by body temparature, pulse and weekly amnion fluid volume measurement, fetal breatking and mavement by sonography. CRP, urinary, and hematalogic analyses were alsa performed. In the first case Amnioinfusion was performed at the 23 rd gestational week and Ampicilline+sulbactam tablets were given for seven days. Alsa ritodrine was given until delivery. At 32 nd week, viable 2100 gram female baby was bom spontaneously by vaginal route. Both the mather and child were discharged at the end of the first postpartum week w ithout any problem. In second case, amnioninfusion was performed at the 20 th gestational week (24.9.1993) and extra month of time was gained and Cesarian sectio was performed because of abruptio plasenta and viable 1000 gr male baby was bom. Apgar score was low after delivery. The Baby in premature neonatal care unit but the baby died on the fifth day because of sepsis.

Keywords: Oligohydramnios, preterm premature rupture of membranes, amnioinfusion