IMJ 2019;20(4):0-0

İstanbul Medical Journal was first published in 1994 under the name of “İstanbul Medical Journal” and Müderrisoğlu M.D. was the founding father and Editor-in-Chief for 11 years. İstanbul Medical Journal has gained widespread recognition throughout our country, and he made great efforts to make it searchable in a large number of national and international indexes. Müderrisoğlu M.D. passed away unexpectedly.

Müderrisoğlu M.D. was Chief of 1st Internal Medicine Clinic in İstanbul Training and Research Hospital and he graduated from Hacettepe Faculty of Medicine in second place in 1977. Between 1977-1981, he completed his residency training in Hacettepe University Medical Faculty, Department of Internal Medicine. He completed his military service in Ankara GATA Cardiology Clinic. In April 1983, he started to work in İstanbul Training and Research Hospital as the Chief Intern of the Internal Medicine Clinic. In 1989, he became Assistant Chief and in 1992, he became Chief of Clinic. During his 27 years of teaching, he played an active role in the training of many internal medicine specialists and healed thousands of patients. He achieved many innovations in our hospital. Together with the Infectious Diseases Clinic, he established the Hepatitis outpatient clinic for the first time and served in the Hepatitis Council for many years. He established the Internal Medicine Clinic seminar room, and worked and updated the infrastructure so that regular trainings were held here. He was the coordinator of Family Physicians and also trained a number of family medicine specialists. He took part in numerous scientific and administrative boards. He conducted many national and international studies. With his mastery of computer use and statistics, he solved the problems of the whole clinic, fulfilled the literature needs and contributed to scientific studies. He has always worked hard and provided unforgettable services for both public health and the scientific world.

He was fatherly to his assistants, affectionate towards his patients, extremely respectful and ethical to his colleagues. With his calm, restrained and firm personality, he has never been offensive. He exhibited a living example of being a good physician and a good person. He was in love with his profession and was attached to his hospital, so that he could continue working after a cardiac treatment. Müderrisoğlu M.D., who was married and had one child, left us unexpectedly on 22 April 2019 while he was continuing his duty. The entire family of İstanbul Training and Research Hospital will always commemorate Müderrisoğlu M.D. with gratitude, love, respect and mercy. Rest in peace.

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