Case Report

A Woman With Habitual Abortion Underwent Emergency Cervical Cerclage

  • Sinem Albayrak
  • Deniz Arıkan
  • Aytaç Yüksel
  • Serpil Bozkurt
  • Remzi Abalı
  • Ayşe Konaç Uyar

IMJ 2006;7(1):40-42

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the efficacy of emergency cerclage in cases with bulginig fetal membranes and dilated cervix. Babitual abortion is the occurence oftwo or more losses ofpregnancy less than 20 weeks gestational age.

One of the most important etiological factors is cervical insufficiency. According to the literature, placement of cerclage as a modality of pregnancy prolongation have provided conflicting results. One of the classification of the cerclage procedures is timing (elective, emergent). Emergency cervical cerclage can postpone the abortion and prolongate the pregnancy with dilated cervix and bulging membranes however it increases the risk ofmicrobial invasion of the amniotic cavity, intraurerine infection, uterine rupture.

Keywords: Emergency cerclage, habitual abortion, cervical insufficiency