Case Report

A Rare Skin Lesion Seen in Acute Myeloid Leukemia: Skin Infiltration


  • Güven Çetin
  • M. Cem Ar
  • Betül Börkü
  • Abdullah Cerit
  • Kübra Gözübenli

Received Date: 13.04.2012 Accepted Date: 22.07.2012 IMJ 2013;14(2):124-125

80% of leukemias in adults present as the acute myeloid leukemia (AML) form. Many different types of skin lesion can be seen in the course of leukemias. Most of them are benign lesions resulting from chemotherapeutic drug reactions, infectious complications due to immunosuppression, cytopenias or hemorrhagic diathesis. Leukemia cutis (LC) are rare lesions of the skin showing infiltration of malignant cells. The diagnosis of LC is often made with or after the diagnosis of systemic leukemia. In this study we discuss a patient who was admitted to the emergency department because of skin rashes and was diagnosed with AML. LC was detected in this patient after a follow-up biopsy of skin lesions.

Keywords: Leukemia, infiltration, rash