Case Report

A Case Report: Toxoplasma Encephalitis

  • Bülent Çekiç
  • Yüksel Barut
  • İ. Nahit Mutlu
  • Gülşen Yörük
  • Muzaffer Fincancı

IMJ 2007;8(1):48-52

Toxoplasma encephalitis is an oppertunistic infection which occurs in 13-33% of AIDS patients with central nervous system complications. Toxoplasma lesions are usually located in the cerebral white matter and subcortical gray matter (thalamus, basal ganglions). In differiential diagnosis, central nervous system lymphoma must be kept in mind. In this case report , we represented toxoplasma encephalitis in a HN ( +) patient and emphesized the differential diagnosis with CNS lymphoma.

Keywords: Toxoplasma Encephalitis